Data Visualization with D3

Data-Driven Documents (D3) is an awesome tool for displaying data on the web. Anyone who knows how to write code in Javascript can get started using this technology immediately, and those who want to learn can find excellent (mostly free) resources to learn both Javascript and D3. For beginners, I would recommend this great book, Getting Started with D3.

D3 outputs Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), which means that visualizations are both high quality and compatible with desktop and mobile browsers. One of the best features of D3 is the ability to make interactive graphics, enhancing the user experience by allowing for an interactive, as opposed to a passive, experience. From simple everyday topics like a coffee selection wheel, to more complex endeavors such as nationwide statistics, this tool seems well suited for any scale. Given all of its positive qualities, it is no wonder that D3 has been embraced by professionals and novices alike.

Check out some cool examples over at their gallery.


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